Discover How to seize the keys to your own car wash or laundromat empire, without draining your bank account or dancing with debt

Discover How to seize the keys to your own car wash or laundromat empire, without draining your bank account or dancing with debt

"Instead Of Starting A Business Buy An Existing One Using This Loophole!"



Attention diligent workers yearning to be their boss, here's an opportunity to dive deeper into financial liberation with our step-by-step playbook that reveals how to smartly become a car wash or laundromat owner – skip the bank, skip the risk.

Enter the world of the self-serve car wash & laundromat business – a promising, convenient, and profitable business model loved by entrepreneurs globally.

Profitable with High ROI*

Self-serve car washes & laundromats are cash-generating powerhouses with solid profit margins. Thanks to the lower operating costs associated with automated processes, the Return on Investment (ROI) for self-serve car wash businesses is typically very attractive. It's a business model that efficiently turns water and soap into cash, day in, day out.

Resilient to Economic Shifts

One of the top features of owning a self-serve car wash is its resistance to economic downturns. People need to clean their cars, regardless of the economy's state. This robustness makes it a dependable business option even in uncertain times, bringing you the stability every entrepreneur craves.

Low Maintenance and Hands-Off Operation

Self-serve car wash & laundromat businesses are largely automated. Your customers will do the work, while you enjoy the benefits. Forget about the headaches of labor management and personnel issues. This is a business you can manage in your spare time, or even run as a side venture. Plus, with advances in technology, many aspects of the business can be remotely managed, meaning less on-site presence for you.

Positive Environmental Impact

A self-serve car wash is more than just a smart business move – it's also a green one. These facilities typically use significantly less water than home washing and contain and treat the wastewater, making them a much better choice for the environment. Show your commitment to sustainability and you'll not only meet regulations but also attract environmentally-conscious consumers.

Starting Small? No problem.

We will show you how to buy them using our owner-finance method. This way you won’t have to use a lot of your own capital or go to the banks begging for a big loan. The self-serve car wash business is highly scalable. Begin with a single location, and when you're ready, expand to multiple locations. As your business grows, so too can your income stream and all with a similar hands-off approach.

Ever Dreamt Of Owning A Profit-Making Business But Feared The Debt Trap?

You provide a service needed by nearly every car owner in your community. This gives you the chance to establish strong local ties, enhance customer loyalty, and build a reliable customer base that comes back regularly.

With a self-serve car wash, there are numerous opportunities to diversify and increase your revenue. From vending machines selling car accessories and air fresheners, to vacuum stations and detailing services, your business is a multi-faceted gem just waiting to be explored.
In addition to the cash flow, don't forget about long-term property appreciation. Over the years, your car wash site is likely to grow in value, providing you with a sizeable asset when you decide to retire or sell.

Here's What You'll Discover Inside 
The Buy One Instead Training

  • What to NEVER do if you want to own a profitable wash business—don't even think about cold-calling banks! Here's what to do instead.
  • The quickest, easiest way to step into the car wash or laundromat business, even if you've never owned a business before.
  • ​How to delegate 95% of the daily tasks so you only work on the business, not in it.
  • ​The single most crucial strategy if you want to scale your car wash or laundromat revenue
  • ​...And so much more

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Wondering What's Inside The Buy One Instead Course?

The core course materials, including countless real-life examples, videos, and before and afters, are immediately available within our online student portal.

Bonus #1

DFY Research - We will research and find the car washes & laundromats in 20-mile radius of the area you live of interested owners looking to sell


Bonus #2

​Access to all the Legal contracts and agreements to use + calculator & spreadsheet to understand the health of a business before you buy it.


Bonus #3

 Group Coaching Calls With Hannah Plus Access To Our Private Community For Continued Support

Bonus #4

Weekly Millionaire Mindset Monday Calls To Keep Your Eye on The Tiger & Achieve Your Income Goals Faster ($1997 Value)

Bonus #5

Virtual Assistant Training - How To Delegate 90% Of The Day To Day Work To A V.A. for $4-$5 an hour


Bonus #6

A.I. Conversational System - Have Aritifical Integelligence. Call & Prescreen To Find Owners Who Are Looking To Sell ($1997 Value)

What Are You Waiting For? 
Jump Off The Fence And Take A Leap Of Faith!

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